First giving honor to an awesome God, for it has been a privilege to lead our great city with you by my side. Four years ago, you and I began a journey together. I didn’t run, and you didn’t work your hearts out, just to win an election. We came together because you wanted someone qualified with many years of proven business and leadership experience to enable our great city to reach its full potential. However, This isn’t just another election. It is a make-or-break moment for Canton’s growth. Although we have made tremendous accomplishments during the last four years, I’ll readily admit that “The Best is Yet to Come!” I am asking for your prayers, your support, and your vote for Mayor again on May 2nd so we can continue to lead our city to greatness. We need your support to strengthen our team efforts to knock on every door, call every household, and spread the message to “Stay Bold in 2017.” Simply email to help us continue fighting for a better Canton.

When someone asks you what progress the Mayor has made during his tenure, you tell them these three words, “Just Look Around!”  Look at three new schools under construction so our children will have access to the best educational opportunities. Look at Hickory Street which was transformed into a pedestrian thoroughfare. Look at Union Street with new sidewalks/paving. Look at the old high school, once a dilapidated, crumbling structure now being converted into luxurious two-story apartments. Look at all the new restaurants that opened or recently expanded.  

Our city’s future is bright, and our solid foundation to building a better quality of life for all Cantonians has been laid. So stay Bold with me as I continue this journey of building a better Canton by renewing my leadership that works for the community rather than taking from it.

May God continue to bless you and our great city.

Arnel D. Bolden, Mayor