I am sincerely honored by the tremendous support of Madison residents who asked me to run for a tenth term. Every four years, I pray for direction in my life.

Today, more clearly than ever before, He has shown me my path. My heart is Madison. That is why I am running for reelection.

Madison is more than the bricks and mortar of her buildings. From day one of my first term, Madison’s foundation has been families who count on city government to safeguard their investment in homes and businesses. As public servants, our central role is to protect our citizens who have chosen Madison as their home.

That protection spans several aspects:

• Forming a nationally-accredited police department

• Implementing and enforcing firm building codes

• Ensuring a fire department with extensive paramedic training

• Maintaining high standards to improve property values

• Partnering with public schools to help provide top-rated education

For 36 years, these responsibilities have driven our decisions in city government. We have been blessed with an exceptional team of aldermen, department heads, division managers, and operational staff who understand their roles and duties.

For nearly four decades, Madison has grown from 2,000 residents to more than 25,000. As we grew, we maintained the quality of life our citizens expect.

That took a team of elected officials, city employees, community leaders, and civic volunteers who worked together to build the best city we could envision.

Families come first in Madison. Not cash-in, cash-out developers. Not projects that fall short of promises.

We have weathered many storms and fought many battles. You have trusted me to lead the charge and protect this great city.

Look around and see the vision; and please allow me to serve as your mayor for another four years by voting for me on Tuesday, May 2nd.