Madison County’s Planning and Zoning Board was recently granted permission to clean up several abandoned properties.

The Board of Supervisors on Monday voted to empower county workers to remove junk and debris from six different properties. They are as follows:

• Junk and debris at 213 Waldrop Road east of Flora.

•  An abandoned mobile home, inoperable vehicles and an overgrown lot at 281 Waldrop Road.

• An abandoned mobile home, junk and debris at 1888 Cox Ferry Road.

• An abandoned mobile home, inoperable vehicles, an overgrown lot and junk and debris at 543 Yandell Road

• Junk and debris, an overgrown lot and obscene graffiti at 1352 North Old Canton Road.

• Salvage junk and debris at 1706 Hwy. 51.

Supervisors voted unanimously to clean the properties.