Madison County’s plan to add kiosks around the county to streamline services came one step closer to a reality last week.

The Madison County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve a service agreement with ION Business Systems to process credit card payments at the kiosks, which will serve the offices of the Circuit Clerk and Tax Collector.

The processing fee for purchases with a card will be 2.35 percent, which is identical to the current cost patrons pay to use a card for over-the-counter transactions.

The board voted in October to approve the addition of three kiosks, which cost $6,000 per machine.

The kiosks will be able to process almost any transactions citizens have with the county, from applying for marriage licenses to paying taxes or making payments on Justice Court fines.

The move to add the kiosks has been spearheaded by County Tax Collector Kay Pace, who has said the lines that form in her office had become a problem.

“We just don’t have enough room in that office,” Pace said. “It’s just that Madison County is growing and I’d like to keep up with it if we can.”

ION Business Systems President Justin Overton said in October the kiosks would be a “game-changer” for Madison County.

“They are going to be a line-buster,” he said. “They’ll work really well during the busy tax season from November through April. Just like when you go to pay your phone bill at C-Spire, you’ll be able to walk in, tap a few times on the kiosk, swipe your card and be done.”

Overton said the average time it takes to complete a transaction is 5 minutes.

The physical location of each kiosk is still yet to be determined.

In other action, the county BOS:

• Voted to name Gerald Steen as board president, with terms to rotate with each year of the current board’s four-year term.

• Voted to name District 4 Supervisor Karl Banks as Vice President.

• Named Banks as the board’s representative on the South Central Mississippi Works Commission.

• Approved the conceptual site plan and master plan for the Village of Mannsdale development at the corner of Gluckstadt Road and Hwy. 463.

• Voted to lower the speed limit on Catlett Road between Stribling Road and Stribling Extension from 45 miles-per-hour to 35 miles-per-hour.