“The ineptitude continues . . . continues.” 

—Howard Cosell

The latest saga of Canton City Administration waste, fraud, and abuse continues to revolve around the city’s initiative to purloin the city hospitality tax revenue, statutorily designated to the visitors and tourism bureau, to other uses by threatening the very successful Canton Flea Market.  

Recently the mayor and aldermen voted to discontinue the $30,000 stipend that they paid the bureau to manage this spring and fall city event of significant revenue for the city and local merchants and now expect the bureau to not only manage them, but to do it for less than nothing by using $8000 to $10,000 of the bureau’s budget to put it on.  

Attention all department heads:  “If you want to manage the flea market without remuneration and go in the hole to do it, please apply at city hall immediately.”

Our city fathers have lost their minds.  What department head would agree to that deal?  To do so would indicate exceedingly poor judgement.  Secondly, I seriously doubt any city department head could manage the flea market successfully anyway.  

Caution! You will only get one chance to foul it up and the great Canton Flea Market will be history.

The Mayor and Board of Alderman should reinstate the flea market stipend in full with a full apology and stop threatening Canton’s prosperity at every turn.

John Scanlan